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Use our commerical use logos for your Business using our logo templates.
Full Branding Kit including Primary Logo, Alternative Layouts, Color Palettes & Fonts

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Logo Templates Include:

Primary Logo & Variations

We cover the basics and more with our Primary Logo and Layout Variations, so you can use your logo everywhere!

Logo Colors & Fonts

We like to include color palette and font recommendations made by our professional designers, but our logo templates are still fully customizable.

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Company Logo Maker (coming soon!)

Create Custom Logos

Create amazing logos with our custom logo maker, perfect for your business, branding, clients, and more!

Company Logo Templates

Choose from our collection of vector logo templates to start creating your new company logo.

Logo Designs FAQs

Why use a Logo Template?

Logo Templates are made specially for those with little time and expecting to create professional designer logos for their business or client. These come easy to edit and customize for your business using Illustrator or Inkscape, featuring color palettes, alternate colors, layouts and fonts.

How to Use a Logo Template?

Logo Templates are super easy to use! Simply download and open up with .AI file using Illustrator. Edit texts and colors as you wish, and export the individual logo files in the size and format you need either for Business Cards, Flyers, Social Media and others!

How can I design my own logo?

Designing your own logo is super simple! You can either use our easy to edit Logo Templates for Illustrator, or use our Online Logo Maker. Either way, open up a logo design, edit to your liking and export the file for your business.

What makes a good company logo?

A good company logo is one that's representative of the business, and easily recognizable for the business's clients. This can be easily achieved using professionally designed Logo Templates as they're all made to be outstanding logos for businesses, sure to stand out from competitors.

Can I use logo templates for my business?

Yes! Of course. Logo Templates are great for those looking to create the design aspect of their business without the need to hire a designer to do the job. Simply open up in Illustrator, start editing and you're done!

Can I use logo templates for client work?

Of course! Logo Templates are perfect for freelancers looking to save time and money by using pre-made logos that are easily editing for clients.


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