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Edit Text, Color, Image and Create all the Custom T-Shirt Designs you want.

Editable PSD Designs: Thousands of possibilities in just one file!


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How the PSD T-Shirts Work

  • Super easy to Use!
  • Start creating professional and unique T-Shirt Designs for your brand in a few simple steps using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Simply open up the PSD File, import your image, change up the texts, and¬†watch our PSD T-Shirt files do the work for you.

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Editable PSD Templates

Hundreds of PSD T-shirts to Download

PSD files allow for unlimited designs by just editing a few elements. With our Editable PSD design templates, you can create custom t-shirts yourself at the highest quality.

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Custom T-Shirt Designs for Merch and PODs

More Tshirt PSD Designs

Made for T-Shirt Businesses!

We know what you need! All our PSD T-Shirts are made ready for Print on Demand platforms
like Merch by Amazon, Printful, RedBubble and others!

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Why are they "Scalable" T-Shirt Designs?

  • We dubbed them Scalable T-shirt PSDs because with one file you can scale your production to many t-shirts, even for different niches!

How do I use T-Shirt PSDs?

  • Once you've downloaded one of our PSDs, extract the PSD file and open it up on PhotoShop. You'll find that the layers give you the exact instructions.

Who has the rights to designs made with these PSDs?

  • You do! Our t-shirt PSDs are meant to be design tools, not designs themeslves. You are free to create whatever you want.

I have Affinity Designer, can I make them work?

  • Currently we only provide files which are suited for Adobe PhotoShop. We'll be looking at an alternative to Affinity Designer in the future for sure.

Should I fear my designs will be copied?

  • We hope that's hardly the case. While one PSD may be downloaded by multiple users, the outputs are entirely up to each person's creativity and work they put into it.

Can I use Vexels graphics on the PSDs?

  • Absolutely! You can use any and all our graphics from our library.

I don't have the font used in the PSD, what should I do?

  • When you open up the PSD, a dialog box will appear telling you which font you are missing. Just Google it up and download it yourself!

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